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I am a sculptor and was a fairly healthy guy. Yet, in a period of 4 years, I had seven mostly major surgeries.

At first, I was bewildered by the complexities of the medical establishment, but being an artist, observation is an important skill, and soon, it all began to make sense.

The PHR program is the result of over a year's intense work to refine all of the common-sense tactics for getting the best possible health care. The response of the medical community has been particularly wonderful.


Why PHR?

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    Our Rescue Drive can save lives!


          Click the appropriate link to see if PHR-Rescue makes sense for you. If so, come back and investigate further.




    The response to our innovative program has been phenominal. We need your help to take advantage of all this interest.

    If you too are excited by this idea, we'd like to hear from you. We are seeking grade A affilliates and licencees with contacts in the healthcare, cruize and medalert industries. We are also looking for a dynamic person or team to take this company forward.



    WHY Personal Health Records (PHR)?

          We are in the middle of a healthcare revolution. For most of us, health records are hand-written and stored on each individual doctors' shelf. In case of emergency, it may take days to gather records from the primary care doctor as well as from specialists and test facilities.

          Vital information may come too late. Today, medical records are gradually being converted into digital form. The U.S. Govenment offers doctors a stipend to do so, but the process is moving very slowly. Doctors who already have electronic records don't want to convert to another system. Those who keep hand-written or typed records are loathe to face the daunting job of computerizing vast amounts of medical records.

    It takes time to gather all your records.            Files full of handwrittem records


    An opportunity to get the best possible healthcare

          This presents pro-active medical consumers with an opportunity to take control of their own medical records and to insure that they are getting the best possible care.

            You may use more medical facilities than you realize. Many facilities in the same health system can't access your records in any of the other practices. By taking pro-active control of your records you assure that all your medical providers are on the same page.

                  You see many practices. You want to make sure that they are on the same page.


          Personal Health Records have important benefits.

    You control your medical information and who gets to see it.

    • The data is kept in one place making it easier to find your health problems.

    Health providers can quickly access the medications you are allergic to and other data that may make the difference between quick, effective emergency care, and an unfortunate outcome.

      A concise version of your medical history can be stripped of any compromising data (Social Security Number, last name,) thereby thwarting identity theft.

    • It can be easily carried as a dog-tag or necklace, or on your keyring.


          Organizations like Microsoft, Google, Blue Cross, and others have offered "cloud based" personal health records with no fee! FREE! Free? Well not quite! You don't pay for the service but many of the companies are making big bucks from your data. They are selling your demographics, and if you say that you are diabetic, your email is gets swamped with offers for diabetic supplies.

          Tricia Torre, in an article from, says "If you had cancer, and log that into your record, you never know when that might come up in a job interview, or if you apply for health insurance. Scary, Right?" She goes on to advise, "Just say NO to personal health records online." A copy of her article can be downloaded by clicking HERE. Them check your downloads folder to read her important advice.


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          For the record: PHR-Rescue takes your right to privacy seriously. We do not list, sell, reveal, or otherwise compromise your privacy. We follow the HIPAA privacy standards.


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